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Beth L Dougherty, PhD

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2020    “Sociology of Body and Embodiment: Looking beyond the sick body.” Footnotes, American Sociological Association 48:3.

2019.   Book Review. Being Viking: Heathenism in Contemporary America.  By Jefferson Calico. Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 58(3): 764-769.

2018     "Somatic coordination: An ethnography of religious entrainment in Christian and Neo-Pagan rituals” Sociology of Religion 42(1): 138-140.

2018     “Radical feminist nuns, on a bus! A film review of Radical Grace.” Humanity and Society 42(1): 138-140.

2011    Book Review. Theater in a Crowded Fire by Lee Gilmore. Sociology of Religion 72(2): 243-245.  

Loyola University Chicago
PhD Sociology


King's College London
MA: Anthropology and Sociology of Religion


Iowa State University
BA: Anthropology


About Beth

An educator for the past ten plus years, Beth has taught at private and public universities as well as community colleges.  She finds the interaction with students from all walks of life to be rewarding and strongly believes that sociology is a tool through which the world can be rendered intelligible.  An example of her teaching philosophy was publised on Loyola University' Chicago's Social Justice blog, and can be read here.

Beth works as a consultant on organizational strategies and market positioning.

Beth is a mother,  poet, singer, spouse, cat owner, and nerd. She lives in the near west suburbs of Chicago.

“I’m super, thanks for asking. Discourse reframing fat maternity.” Midwest Sociological Association. Chicago, IL.

 “A Sense of Belonging: Religious Ritual in Sensory Narrative.” XIX International Sociological Association World Congress of Sociology. Toronto, Canada.

“Back to the Basics! ‘Fundamentalism’ and Politics.” Annual Meeting of the Midwest Sociological Society. Milwaukee, WI.

 “Movement, Energy, and Religious Experience.” Couch-Stone Symposium, Society for the Study of Symbolic Interactionism. Milwaukee, WI.

"’It felt like the moment...’ ‘...our energies rose’ - Sensory religious experience between traditions.” Annual Meeting of the Association for the Sociology of Religion. Seattle, WA,


​ “Virtual Gaming Worlds: A Microcosm of Complex Social Tie Interactions.” With Dr. Talmadge Wright. Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association.  Las Vegas, NV


​ “When I was a Punk: The use of the internet as a site of intergenerational legitimation within two youth subcultures.” Annual Meeting of the Midwest Sociological Society. Chicago, IL. 

2004. “When Ritual Goes Wrong: Angry Goddess, Recalcitrant Reclaimers.” Annual Meeting of the Academy of American Religion. San Antonio, TX.          

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